The Stenner 45MHP2 Single Head Adjustable Output pump is a popular choice for water treatment solutions.

The pump can inject chemicals for pH control or to oxidize iron, hydrogen sulfide or manganese for removal by filtration. 

Disinfection, pH control or adjustment, corrosion and scale control and oxidation are common water treatment applications in Water Conditioning, Animal Health, Industrial Process, Water and Wastewater, and Cooling Tower applications. 

These pumps are commonly used in the commercial pool industry for sanitizing swimming pool water or maintaining the equipment. 

Stenner 45MHP2 Single Head Adjustable Output Pump

    • Flow Rate Output Control: External dial ring, 5-100% in 2.5% increments
    • Maximum Working Pressure: 100 psi
    • Maximum Operating Temperatuer: 125°F
    • Maximum Suction Lift: 25 ft vertical lift, based on water
    • Motor Type: 1/30 HP, shaded pole, class B
    • Gallons Per Day: 0.2 to 3.0