Enjoy safer, better-tasting water from your existing kitchen or bathroom faucet, as soon as the High Capacity Single-Stage Lead Filtration under-counter drinking water system is installed!


Certified to reduce Lead, Cysts, Chlorine, Sediment, Taste, and Odor.

Complete with fittings & tubing required for a quick and easy standard installation.

Connects directly to most standard kitchen and bathroom faucets.

High capacity filter disconnects and connects from the unit by a simple quarter-turn.


Single-Stage Lead Filtration System

  • Contaminants Reduced

    • Lead >99.2%, Cyst ~ 99.99%, Chlorine, Taste, Odour ~ 94.8%, Sand, Silt, Dirt and Rust > 99.2%

    Water Flow Rate

    • 2 GPM

    Temperature & Pressure Range

    • 35-100 degrees F / 10-125 psi

    Micron Rating

    • 0.5 
    • Designed and certified to reduce 99.2% of lead in drinking water at any point of use in your house-hold, including kitchen and bathroom faucets.
    • Certified to reduce cysts, chlorine, taste and odour, and sediment, for great-tasting, safer potable water. 
    • High-flow system (2 gpm) for minimal impact on time required to fill pots and containers. 
    • High-capacity 0.5 micron carbon fiber filter (7900 gallons) for less frequent filter changes.
    • Quarter-turn filter replacement ensures easy installation and maintenance.
    • Filter Replacement - Kwik-Change Lead Reduction Filter ~ change every 12 months or 7900 gallons (depends on usage and water conditions)