The RFC-BB radial flow carbon filter is used to remove the taste and odour of chlorine, and reduce sediment in water.

This filter cartridge also makes an excellent polishing filter or pre-filter in applications requiring fine filtration and high capacity.

RFC-10 - Radial Flow Carbon Filter

SKU: 051678141434
    • Nominal Rating: 25 micron
    • Dimensions: 4.5" x 9.75"
    • Flow Rate: 2 gpm @ 0.9 psi
    • Operating Temperature: 40-125°F
    • Filter Media: Granular Activated Carbon
    • Chlorine Taste & Odour Reduction: 50,000 gallons @ 2 gpm
    • Certified to NSF Standard 42
    • Designed to reduce carbon fines in filtered water
    • Ideal for point-of-entry and other high flow rate applications