The Pump Control Module is a component of the proportional feed system, which delivers repeatable doses regardless of the system’s flow rate. The system is used in applications requiring proportional chemical injection.


The water meter sends a pulse signal to the PCM which activates the pump to deliver the desired dose based on water volume. The PCM turns on the pump for the set duration determined to inject the solution into the water line.


  • PCM10:  1.0 to 10.0 Second

PCM10: Pump Control Module 1.0-10 seconds

    • Housing:  Polycarbonate plastic
    • Timer:  Microcontroller with triac output
    • Turndown ratio:  10:1
    • Input signal:  Non-voltage dry contact, water meter
    • Time range:  Interchangeability located inside
    • Reset time:  Immediate
    • Minimum signal durations:  10 milliseconds
    • Input electrical:  120V 60Hz
    • No load current:  0.45 mA AC maximum
    • Output electrical:  Maximum device load, 1.8 amp at 120V