The HI759 Maple Syrup Digital Grader is a handheld colorimeter designed for quick, accurate determination of Grade A maple syrup. It is designed as a more accurate alternative to temporary and permanent visual grading kits, providing quick, accurate results in four easy steps.


This Maple Syrup Digital Grader measures the light transmittance of the syrup and directly displays the percentage results on the large, easy to read LCD display. Located on the back of the meter is a chart referencing the percent light transmittance to the grade. Eliminating the subjectivity of grading by eye and the potential for mislabeling, the HI759 is grading made simple.

HI759: Maple Syrup Digital Grader

SKU: HI 759
    • (3) Sample 10 ml cuvettes with caps
    • (1) Sealed glycerol reference cuvette
    • (3) plastic beakers
    • (1) 1.5V AAA battery