This portable refractometer is an easy to use tool for measuring sugar in food samples in the field or in the lab.


It converts the refractive index of a food sample to % brix. This conversion is based on the tables found in the ICUMSA Methods Book (International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis) that documents the changes in refractive index with temperature for a percent by weight glucose solution.

HI96801: Digital Refractometer for Brix Analysis

SKU: HI 96801
    • Sugar Content Range: 0 to 85% Brix
    • Sugar Content Resolution: 0.1% Brix
    • Sugar Content Accuracy: ±0.03 mg/L ±3% of reading
    • Temperature Range: 0 to 80°C (32 to 176°F)
    • Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)
    • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.3 °C (±0.5 °F)
    • Temperature Compensation: Automatic between 10 and 40°C (50 to 104°F)
    • Battery Type/Life: 9V / approximately 5000 readings
    • Automatic Shut-Off: After three minutes of inactivity
    • Refractometer Light Source: Yellow LED
    • Minimum Sample Volume: 100 μL (to cover prism totally)
    • Sample Cell: Stainless steel ring and flint glass prism
    • Measurement Time: Approximately 1.5 seconds