The DGD-2501-BB Dual Gradient Spun Polypropylene sediment filter combines selective "final filtration" with appropriate "pre-filtration to effectively reduce sediment such as sand, silt, dirt and rust particles in water.

This unique design makes these filters an excellent choice for all residential, rural, municipal and commercial applications.

DGD-2501-BB - Dual Gradient Spun Polypropylene Filter Cartridge

SKU: 051678359433
    • Nominal Rating: Pre-filter: 25; Post filter: 1
    • Dimensions: 4.5" x 10"
    • Flow Rate: 10 gpm @ 1 psi
    • Operating Temperature: 40-145°F
    • Filter Media: Polypropylene
    • Certified to NSF Standard 42
    • Made from 100% pure polypropylene to provide superior resistence to chemicals and bacterial attack
    • Three times the dirt-holding capacity of similar sized sediment cartridges
    • Dual filters provide advanced filtration with minimal pressure drop